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Teachers and Staff

Social Emotional Learning and Wellness

Teachers and Staff: This page offers links to information on topics including inclusion and equity, professional development, instructional resources for the classroom, and mental health resources for teachers and school employees.

If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, you can call 911 or go directly to your local emergency room.


Mental Health and Wellness Resources for Teachers/Staff

  • Employee Assistance Program: The Employee Assistance Program, offered through Perspectives, includes an online portal with a menu of self-help tools and links to resources to assist employees on a range of issues, including physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing, relationships, financial planning, legal information, professional skill-building, and more. View the Minuteman employee log-on information here or here.
  • Mindful Schools: Educating our youth is a calling that draws some of the most hard-working and dedicated people. Teachers are also prone to burnout–in fact, last year, public school teachers quit their jobs at the highest rate on record. Educators, it’s time to start showing yourself care and compassion, right now. Learn more.
  • Mental Health America: Tips for teachers on protecting the mental health of yourself and your colleagues. Read more.
  • Resilient Educator: Strategies for mindfulness and wellbeing for teachers outside of the classroom. Read more.
  • UC Berkeley Greater Good in Education: Science-based practices for kinder, happier schools. Practices for cultivating the social, emotional, and ethical well-being of school staff members. Read more.

Inclusion and Equity

  • NPR: A Guide to Gender Identity Terms: Issues of equality and acceptance of transgender and nonbinary people — along with challenges to their rights have become a major topic in the headlines. These issues can involve words and ideas and identities that are new to some. That's why we've put together a glossary of terms relating to gender identity. Read more.
  • Gender Spectrum: works to create gender sensitive and inclusive environments for all children and teens. Read more.
  • Racial Equity Tools: A broad range of tools and information on how to effectively address racial equity in schools. Read more.
  • Equity vs. Equality: explains why understanding equity vs. equality in schools can help you create in inclusive classroom for all students. Read more.
  • Diverse Book Lists: We Need Diverse Books regularly updates lists of book titles that feature a diversity of narratives encompassing various races, cultures, religions, gender identities and sexual orientations. Read more.

Classroom Tools

  • Everfi: Mental Wellness Basics: Free lessons and resources. Read more.
  • Student Well Being: From the UC Berkeley Greater Good in Education: Practices for developing students' social and emotional well-being, ethical decision-making skills, kindness, gratitude, and other prosocial qualities. Read more.
  • Evidence-based behavior strategy. Read more.
  • Mental Health Stigma: provides resources as a guide to teach, share, learn, and speak about mental illnesses and stigma. Read more.

Professional Development

  • Massachusetts Partnerships for Youth: MPY offers webinars on a wide variety of topics, ranging from social-emotional learning and wellness, safety, and diversity and inclusion. Read more.
  • MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE): The Department is dedicated to helping educators improve their practice through participation in High Quality Professional Development -- a set of coherent learning experiences that is systematic, purposeful, and structured over a sustained period of time with the goal of improving teacher practice and student outcomes. Read more.
  • Everfi: Featured webinars and events. Read more.
  • No Barriers USA: Resources to challenge mindsets and alter how kids respond to the inevitable challenges they will face. Read more.
  • Rice University's Foundations of Mindfulness Course: This course provides a broad overview of the fundamental concepts, principles, and practices of mindfulness. Read more.
  • Yale University's The Science of Well-Being Course: In this course you will engage in a series of challenges designed to increase your own happiness and build more productive habits. Read more.
  • Classroom Wise: A free three-part training package that assists K-12 educators in supporting the mental health of students in the classroom. Read more.
  • TRAILS: TRAILS provides training to mental health providers and school professionals. Read more.