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Minuteman High School offers a robust and award-winning academic program that is highly integrated with valuable career and technical skills, creating a unique educational experience for all types of learners.

Minuteman provides a full inclusion model.
If you would like more information about Minuteman's academic curriculum and programming, please reach out to our Director of Teaching and Learning Innovations, Anthony Chiariello.

Kathryn Anderson teaches English Language Arts at Minuteman. She shares what inspires her about teaching and provides information on Minuteman's Academic offerings.

Program of Studies

Students are placed in course levels based on a variety of data. Students are not locked into a level of courses, but we encourage students to enroll in an appropriate but challenging level of coursework.

First page of the PDF file: MM_Program_of_Studies

Annie Brosnan is a senior in the Class of 2023 from Arlington. Annie is a star athlete (basketball, softball) and is in the Carpentry career major. However, she excels at academic/core content courses and is a member of the National Honor Society. (Filmed by Andrew Mudge/Black Kettle Films)