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Perkins Survey - Fall 2022

Perkins Survey - Fall 2022

Minuteman High School is a recipient of the federal Perkins V Grant, which is used to promote and remove barriers for students in accessing career technical education (CTE). As part of receiving this grant funding, Minuteman is providing a survey for parents/guardians to gain feedback from parents/guardians on their student’s CTE program.

*Please fill out one form per student (even if you have multiple students at Minuteman). 

This survey is available in multiple languages. Click the flag icon below.

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What Chapter 74 Career and Technical Program is your student in?
What roadblocks do you believe your student may face that could hinder post-secondary job placement? (Check any that are relevant)Please select up to 7 choices
Please select up to 7 choices
Do you feel there are sufficient job openings for your student in their chosen career field?
What factors do you believe could contribute to lower enrollment in your student's career and technical program?
Are there any additional Industry Recognized Credentials that are not incorporated into your student's career and technical program that they would benefit from obtaining?
If you answered yes to the question above, what industry recognized credentials should we add?
Do you feel that Minuteman is preparing your student for their future?
Is there anything that Minuteman can do better to prepare your child for their future?
Minuteman is looking for new ways to provide career exploratory activities to students in earlier grades through activities such as middle school after school programs, exploratory camps, robotics clubs, etc. Do you believe that programs such as these would be beneficial?
Do you anticipate that your student will want to participate in cooperative education (go to work during their CTE week as an upperclassmen)? If not, what would be some barriers?
Do you feel your student has enough core content (for example English, math and science) incorporated into their career and technical programs?
Do you feel your child has enough teacher support in their CTE program?