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Programming and Web Development

A teacher and a student in the Programming and Web Development program

Program Description

The primary objective of the course of studies within the Programming and Web Development (PWD) major is to provide students with exposure to skills necessary to access careers in the IT workspace, specifically in the area of Programming and Web Development.  While pursuing this objective, the strands within the Massachusetts Programming and Web Development CTE Frameworks are examined.  At the same time students are presented with the opportunities to participate in Problem Based Learning projects in an effort to develop and hone these skills.

The Programming and Web Development (PWD) curriculum also provides opportunities for students to investigate and work with Programming and Web Development technologies, as well as those in related areas including computer maintenance and repair, computer programming, web design and development, graphic design and development, 3D animation, and game design.

Other opportunities that students may participate in include co-op jobs and competitions with SkillsUSA, a national organization in which career technical education students demonstrate career skills. Students may also have the opportunity to build, administer, and maintain websites for small businesses and nonprofits and perform other “live” work.

All seniors will complete a capstone project requiring them to synthesize and showcase from the skills they have learned as a student at Minuteman.  All learners are challenged to meet high standards and expectations while receiving the support necessary for success.

The program’s focus is on preparing students for a variety of career opportunities where technical knowledge and skills are integrated with business concepts and academics. Human relations, self-management, teamwork, and leadership are encountered daily.

A student works during a Programming and Web Development class

Course Content

  • Computational Thinking
  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Web Design  (HTML, CSS and Javascript)
  • Computer Programming (Javascript, Python)
  • The Software Development Process
  • Project Management Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Office Suite Skills

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Career Tree: Programming & Web Development

First page of the PDF file: ProgrammingandWebCareerTree2019

Possible Career Pathways

  • 3D Animation Programmer
  • Computer Help Desk

  • Computer Maintenance Technician

  • Computer Programmer

  • Computer Sales

  • Computer System Design and Related Services

  • Game Programmer

  • Management of Companies and Enterprises

  • Network Administrator

  • Scientific Research and Development Services

  • Software Publisher

  • Systems Administrator

  • Web Developer

Salary Info

Massachusetts Averages:

  • Web Developer: $83,538/year (less than 1 year); $118,169/year (more than 10 years)
  • Software Engineer: $110,908/year (less than 1 year); $149,317/year (more than 10 years)
  • Systems Engineer: $96,979/year (less than 1 year); $121,866/year (more than 10 years)
  • Mobile Developer: $139,775/year

National Averages:

  • Web Developer: $37.65/hour or $78,300/year
  • Computer Programmer: $93,000/year

(Updated 1/12/23)
U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Industry Certifications

OSHA 10-Hour General Industry

Employers Hiring Minuteman Graduates

  • ClickHarmonics
  • Tocci Construction Management
  • Harvard University
  • The MITRE Corporation
  • Microsoft
  • Minuteman HS

Advisory Committee Partners

  • Bass Rocks Technology, LLC
  • Converse
  • Empirix Inc.
  • Middlesex Community College
  • Nokia, Inc.
  • Tenarys
  • Town of Andover/Memorial Hall Library
  • Software/Target Analysis Group
  • uReach Technologies
  • Virtera