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Advisory Committees

At Minuteman, we believe that outside input is critical to our continued success.

Each of our Career and Technical Education Programs has a Program Advisory Committee. These committees include representatives from business and industry, labor, higher education, community groups, parents, and students. State regulations state that each of these Program Advisory Committees is designed to advise, assist and support school personnel in order to improve planning, operation and evaluation in its program area. Such advice shall be based on adequate and timely information as to workforce and job development demands or job market trends, technological developments, training alternatives and other factors affecting the quality of the program.” Each Program Advisory Committees must meet at least twice per year.

Minuteman also has a General Advisory Committee that includes, but is not be limited to, chairpersons of the program advisory committees. It is the responsibility of the General Advisory Committee to advise the school committee, based on adequate and timely information, as to the planning, operation and evaluation of vocational technical instruction provided by programs under its control.

These advisory committees ensure that we stay fresh – that our instructional methods, our equipment, and our curriculum – stay current and meet the ever-changing needs of business and industry.

Please complete the form below to join one of our program advisory committees or to remain on the committee for a 3-year term.

For more information please contact Diane Dempsey, Advisory Committee Lead by email or (781) 861-6500.