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Book Club

Join the Minuteman Book Club after school once a month on Tuesdays.

We had our first meeting on January 30, and our first book Spin by Rebecca Cabrara (a retelling of the ancient Greek story of Arachne) was handed out for a book discussion at our next meeting.  If you are interested, it's not too late to join. Stop by the library a.s.a.p. to pick up a copy of Spin.

Our next book will be The Handmaids Tale by Margaret Atwood.


Book Club Calendar

Rm. Library Classroom
Rm. Library Classroom
Rm. Library Classroom

Faculty Advisors

Kara Gleason

Library Media Specialist, Portfolio Lead

Terri O'Brien

Instructor-English/Language Arts, Peer Leader Advisor

Book List


Spin by Rebecca Caprara

“A powerful feminist retelling of an ancient tale about empathy and defiance, written in beautiful verse from a truly unique viewpoint.” —Margarita Engle, Newbery Honor–winning author of The Surrender Tree and Young People’s Poet Laureate

The Song of Achilles and Circe get a sapphic, young adult twist in this “exciting, richly textured, thought-provoking” (Kirkus Reviews, starred review) retelling of the myth of Arachne spun in moving verse.

Arachne is a homely girl with no claims to divinity or fortune, ostracized by all but her family and closest friend, Celandine. Turning to her loom for solace, Arachne learns to weave, finding her voice and her strength through the craft. After a devastating loss, Arachne and Celandine flee to the city of Colophon, where Arachne’s skills are put to the test. Word of her talent spreads quickly, leading to a confrontation with the goddess Athena, who demands that Arachne repent for her insolence and pride.

But Arachne will not be silenced. She challenges Athena, and a fateful weaving contest ensues, resulting in an exposé of divine misdeeds, a shocking transformation, and unexpected redemption.

A brilliant weaver of words, author Rebecca Caprara transforms an ancient myth into a sweeping novel in verse, unraveling the tales that frame Arachne as a villainess and deliver a timely story of long-awaited justice.