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Procedures for Application

These instructions are about applying for the Minuteman awarded scholarships.


General Outline of Procedures:

  1. Seniors interested in being considered for any Minuteman High School scholarship or award must complete the Minuteman Application for Awards and Scholarships.  Students do not apply for specific scholarships; instead a general application is completed and the Minuteman Scholarship Committee matches applicants with individual scholarship eligibility requirements.  Many scholarships and awards can be used for either college tuition or tools for students who plan to go directly into the workforce after graduation; therefore we encourage all students to apply.
  2. The Minuteman Scholarship Committee meets regularly from January through May reviewing all scholarships.  Students must make sure that the application is complete and accurate.  Students who do not complete the essay portion will not be included!
  3. To clarify – there are two separate types of scholarships and awards that are available.  The Minuteman Scholarship Committee is responsible for selecting students for certain scholarships that have been established in the community.  These are the scholarships that students are eligible for once completing the Minuteman Application for Awards and Scholarships.  The other type of scholarship is through the Scholarship Bulletin that is distributed to students monthly, beginning in the fall.  These scholarships are not covered under the Minuteman Application for Awards and Scholarships. These scholarships are outside the control of the Minuteman Scholarship Committee and have other deadlines, separate applications and procedures.  Applications for these scholarships can be found online.
  4. Remember that you are also eligible for many scholarships from your sending town.  We suggest that you contact your sending high school for scholarships for which you may qualify.  For example: there are a number of towns that have Pop Warner or Little League scholarships that only require that you live in that town and took part in that activity. 
  5. All scholarships and awards will be announced and presented at either the Senior Awards Banquet or at the Commencement Ceremony.  Decisions of the Minuteman Scholarship Committee are final.
  6. Minuteman Regional High School makes scholarships and awards available to students without regard to sex, race, religion, color, national origin, handicap or sexual orientation.    
  7. Any questions please contact Dr. Murray in Programming & Web or by email.
P.S.  Think about this… lets say you spend two hours writing an essay for a scholarship that is worth $1000.  When are you ever going to make $500 an hour?  Don’t be lazy…. Write the essay!