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The STEM club encourages students to explore different topics in STEM and to take part in a myriad of competitions as their schedules and interests allow.

January news

Welcome to Minuteman’s first StoryMap Competition! Get through the winter by telling a story!

Pick something in your community you want to address and map a story.  Winners advance to the state competition where their written storymap work is reviewed, anonymously, by a judge. Three state champions receive a $100 Amazon giftcard and advance for potential national recognition.  This is great if you want to get your feet wet in a competition, learn new technology, or make some money with your skills, but don’t want to present in person!

To enter the competition, you should let Dr. C  (room 1188, environmental shop) know you are interested by emailing her at She can set you up with an account and show you how to build a storymap.

Student Schedule For Help with the Competition (not mandatory, but can help you out!):
  • January 16-Introduce the competition-What is a story map? Get an account. Ways to get data-Making a survey
  • February  6th- Making your own map in ArcGis Online
  • March 5th- Building your storymap
  • March 19th- Polishing your storymap/final troubleshooting
  • Mandatory deadline: April 5th-Submit your completed storymap via a link to Dr. C for review.
How to: 

All are welcome!

Faculty Advisor

Sarah Cammer

Instructor-Environmental Science, STEM Advisor

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