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End of Year Poem and Reflection from Principal Clement

In an end-of-the-year note to students and parents, Principal George Clement shared a reflection and a poem about the historic and difficult 2019-20 school year experienced by students at Minuteman and around the nation.

Read his note, in part, below:

…Lastly, this spring the coronavirus pandemic and the problem of racism have forced schools to reexamine learning, teaching, technology, inequity, social-emotional health, bias, prejudice, and privilege.  There are many words I could write to express my thoughts and feelings, but please accept my poem below as a personal and professional reflection on these complicated days since we closed the school building in March.

I hope you and yours stay safe and enjoy the summer. We look forward to seeing our students again and experiencing brighter tomorrows.


School Spring 2020

Taken away in a tornado of fear
Our dreams, our community blown out of here
Reality reshaped, twisted
Uncertainty certainly assisted

Hasty moving classes to cyberspace
Like scared refugees searching for good grace
Hoping computers had schooling controlled
Was like playing slot machines for fool’s gold

Unable to explore outside the door
No mundane chore was easy anymore
Masks spread stress and smother smiles
Six feet feels like sixty miles

A gift given by our friend quarantine
New appreciation for the routine
See how the customary provides sanctuary
Know now the ordinary is extraordinary

Seems cardinals are brighter than before
Singing songs too beautiful to ignore
Like tiles in a mosaic we are connected
Admire the beauty of all colors reflected

Corona and cruelty gave birth to a bitter season
But we will raise it right with our empathy and reason
Teach souls to grow with knowledge, love, and light
Joy blesses all when we learn to unite