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Minuteman Featured in Boston Globe Article About Graduations During Pandemic

On Friday, May 29, 2020, the Boston Globe featured Minuteman High School in an article about the creative ways high schools around the region are planning graduations and ways to celebrate graduating seniors amid the pandemic:

With drive-throughs, yard signs, and photo ops, seniors forge ahead with nontraditional graduations

By Nancy Shohet West Globe Correspondent,Updated May 29, 2020, 2:30 p.m.

Otto R.

For Arlington teen Otto Rademacher (pictured above with his mother, Annie Schwab), the moment of reckoning came one evening earlier this month as the three-season athlete strolled past Minuteman High School’s baseball field.

“Any other year, I would have been out on the diamond playing, not walking by it,” Rademacher recalled. “At that moment it really hit me that I’d just missed the entire end of my senior year.”

Along with his peers across the nation, Rademacher is mourning the loss of his senior spring, and with it all the rituals that typically accompany a student’s final months of high school.

But on Friday, June 5, Rademacher and his classmates will gather on the Minuteman campus in Lexington to take part in what Superintendent-Director Edward Bouquillon is calling a drive-through graduation.

It’s a decision Bouquillon and his colleagues have been wrestling with ever since Governor Charlie Baker announced the closing of schools statewide in April: How to compensate for the lack of a traditional ceremony.

“Normally we hold our graduations at Lowell Memorial Auditorium, so we don’t have to restrict seating,” Bouquillon said. This year, the ceremony, such as it is, will be limited to one car per graduate, with a livestream feed for family members and friends to watch the event as each student, one at a time, leaves their car, picks up their diploma from a table, exchanges smiles with Bouquillon and Principal George Clement standing nearby, and returns to the car.

“We’ll be awkwardly distant,” Bouquillon conceded. “But with enough depth of field, the camera might make it look all right.” Masked faculty members and school staff will line the driveway to wave at the departing seniors one last time.

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