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Students of the Term Announced for Term 1 of 2019-20 School Year

Students of the Term 1/24/2020

From left to right: Senior Nicholas Moy of Concord, sophomore Carter Gruca of Lancaster, Minuteman Principal George Clement, junior Zoha Bibi of Watertown and freshman Saleena Khan of Watertown.

Written By Judy Bass

Minuteman High School has selected four outstanding students as Students of the Term for Term 1 of the 2019-20 school year.

The honorees are freshman Saleena Khan of Watertown, sophomore Carter Gruca of Lancaster, junior Zoha Bibi of Watertown,  and senior Nicholas Moy of Concord.

This honor is awarded every term to one student from each grade level based upon nominations from the staff. The criteria include character, attendance, improvement and academic success, according to Assistant Principal Brian Tildsley.

All four attended a luncheon in their honor with Principal George Clement at The District Restaurant and Café at Minuteman and were given certificates in recognition of their achievement.

Freshman Saleena Khan’s favorite academic subject is English. She was nominated for Student of the Term by her English teacher Danielle Tagg, who praised her conscientiousness, writing that Saleena “revises written assignments and retakes quizzes, even if she’s only a few points shy of 100%.” Saleena is majoring in Health Assisting at Minuteman, and plans to attend college and become a nurse or doctor.

Sophomore Carter Gruca enjoys chemistry and is a student ambassador for Minuteman. His Environmental Science teachers Terry Regan, George Protopopescu and Technical Aide Emily Kotwal praised his “calm leadership” and “great attitude.” They wrote, “Carter has a way of quietly reminding peers to fall in line and do the work that needs to get done. We also notice that Carter always engages in class discussion, is very knowledgeable in our content area, and works hard to see a problem through.” He plans to go to college and wants to make enough money to support a family someday.

Junior Zoha Bibi, a Health Assisting major, was nominated by teacher Maureen Berry, who wrote that she is “a very hard-working student”  who is “very focused and a pleasure” to work with. Zoha likes science, playing soccer and physical education. She intends to go to college and study phlebotomy to be a lab technician. Zoha wrote that she has been inspired by her mother.

Senior Nicholas Moy, who is majoring in Robotics and Automation, “is a problem solver and is always ready to jump in when there is a problem. He has been instrumental and his contributions to our technical program will be beneficial to students long after he graduates in June,” wrote Career and Technical Education Assistant Denise D’Ambrosia. Nicholas’ favorite academic subject is calculus and he wants to be a hardware engineer.