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Minuteman and Hanscom Air Force Base Sign Agreement

Minuteman Regional High School and Hanscom Air Force Base Enter into Partnership Agreement

LEXINGTON, MA – For the first time ever, Minuteman Regional High School and Hanscom Air Force Base have executed a formal agreement outlining how the two institutions will cooperate on education, research, and workforce development projects.  The three-year agreement, formally known as an Education Partnership Agreement, was signed by the parties in April.

“Minuteman and Hanscom have been working together for many years and this agreement formalizes our long-standing relationship,” said Dr. Edward A. Bouquillon, Minuteman’s Superintendent.  “We’re very pleased with the opportunities that this creates for our students, our staff, and the region.” 

Dr. Bouquillon noted that Minuteman already is a member of the Hanscom Community Partnership Committee, a group that explores ways for the Air Force Base, area towns, and institutions to cooperate and leverage resources.  In addition, Minuteman hosts an annual Hanscom Civilian Job Fair.  

“This agreement is a direct result of our work on the Hanscom Community Partnership Committee,” said Col. Roman Hund, Hanscom AFB installation commander. "It's the first such agreement that we've executed with one of the high schools in the region. We look forward to the opportunity to work with Minuteman for many years ahead."

While the 11-page agreement is largely focused on general language promoting cooperation between the institutions, it also includes a few specific ways in which Minuteman and Hanscom have already committed to work together.

For example, the agreement states that Minuteman may continue to host the annual Hanscom Air Force Base Civilian Job Fair, will promote opportunities for Hanscom personnel to take part in after-school training programs at Minuteman, and will allow Hanscom personnel to use meeting rooms and space at Minuteman.  For its part, Hanscom will post job opportunities on Minuteman’s Job Board, provide academic and career advice to Minuteman students, and collaborate with Minuteman on STEM education and workforce development programs. 

Officials noted that Minuteman and Hanscom have also been actively exploring paid co-op jobs at the Air Force Base for Minuteman students, joint cybersecurity training for students and staff, and use of Minuteman’s day care center by the children of Hanscom personnel.

The agreement also establishes a Hanscom-Minuteman Executive Committee that will meet at least twice per year to coordinate activities under the agreement.

Located in Lexington, Minuteman is an award-winning regional vocational technical high school providing its students with a high-quality career and technical education coupled with rigorous academics.  A new Minuteman High School, on the Lincoln side of Minuteman’s property, is currently under construction.  Among other things, it will include state-of-the-art meeting/conference room space operated by Minuteman’s Hospitality and Culinary Arts programs.

Hanscom Air Force Base is located off of Route 2A and I-95 in the towns of Bedford, Lexington and Lincoln.  At the base, personnel acquire critical warfighting systems for the Air Force and other services.  These advanced intelligence and connectivity systems enable U.S. warfighters to achieve global superiority.  Hanscom programs include multiple radar, communication and intelligence systems, command and operations centers, network infrastructure and cyber defense. 

For Release:  May 8, 2018
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