POSTING_Finance Subcommittee Meeting


Tuesday March 28, 2017   6:30 PM    Superintendent’s Conference Room, Minuteman High School


AGENDA (Revised)

  1. Call to Order: Open Session
  2. Warrant Review
  3. Approval of Past Minutes:  1.5.17
  4. Policy Review
    a.  Possible Revision to Current  Warrant Signatures (Policy DKAB)
            [Follow-up on Required Signatures]
    b.  Draft Investment Policy (DIG)
    c.  Draft Revision of Purchasing Policy (DJ)
    d.  Draft Revision to Bidding Requirements (DJE)
  1. FY 17 Budget Update
    Possible Vote to Amend Current Year Tuition Amount in FY17 Budget
  1. FY 18 Budget Update
  2. Review of Financial Reports, as of 2.28.17
  3. Update on IG’s Request for Documentation
  4.  Informational:  Recommendation on Legal Services Contract Extension
  5. Adjournment