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Bolton: Dave O'Connor

School Committee Bio:
Dave O'Connor
Dave is a longtime advocate of experiential and lifelong learning. As a Massachusetts vocational school alumnus himself, and parent of current students, he understands firsthand how vocational and integrated learning environments help to inspire, motivate, and develop individual learning paths that lead to future opportunities. He focuses on insuring the preservation and expansion of opportunities he received, giving forward for future generations. He advocates for improving and developing the school and district, integrating state-of-the-art learning and technological advancements for our students. Dave joined the Minuteman School Committee in 2012 and has served on several sub-committees. During negotiations, and as a general approach, he looks for win/win options for all parties while attempting to balance the priorities of all stakeholders. He holds a BA in Business and Quality, and brings to the Committee more than 30 years of hands-on experience in customer service / support and crisis management. He currently works in high tech as an Escalations Account Director. Dave attends many Minuteman events, to support and cheer for students, and to recognize their achievements. In his spare time, he enjoys outdoors activities, fishing, hiking, RV travel, and spending time with his wife and girls.