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Health Info for Students

Annual Health Form: Immunization Requirements

NEW – Meningococcal Requirements

Grade 11: 2 doses; second dose MenACWY (formerly MCV4) must be given on or after the 16th birthday and within 8 weeks after the previous dose. 1 dose is acceptable if it was given on or after the 16th birthday. Meningococcal B vaccine is not required and does not meet this requirement. The health office will send reminders to students who are due or overdue for this vaccine. Students have 3 months from their 16th birthday to submit proof of their second dose.

Further Immunization Information

  • School immunization requirements apply to all Massachusetts students enrolled in K-12, regardless of whether the district is providing instruction in-person, or using a hybrid or remote learning model.
  • We encourage you to schedule any vaccines prior to the start of school or after school on a Friday. Many normal side effects of the flu and meningococcal vaccines are similar to COVID-19 symptoms. If your child receives the vaccine(s) and they have any side effects, please contact their provider for guidance.
  • If your child is exempt from vaccines we will need our Minuteman Immunization Requirements Exemption Form completed and returned to the health office. This form is an annual requirement.
  • For more information about these vaccines, please visit: CDC Flu Vaccine Safety Information and CDC Meningococcal Vaccine Information.

Medication Management

Minuteman's nursing department manages the administration of student medications during the school day in accordance with The Massachusetts Department of Public Health's regulations. All medications required during the school day are administered by the nurse. Prior to any medication administration by the nurse, the appropriate medication permission form is necessary. All medications need to have parent/guardian permission and physician order completed and returned. The form needed for medications to be given at school is available on this site. This form may be confidentially emailed or faxed to the Health Office at 781-861-3421. Prescription medications must be in a pharmacy labeled container.

All visitors to the school will need to have a scheduled appointment. If you need to drop off any medication(s) to the Health Office, please contact us ahead of time to schedule a visit. Visitors without an appointment will not be allowed in the building.

In the case of asthma inhalers, EpiPens, and diabetes monitoring systems/insulin, students need immediate access to treatment and should carry their supplies at all times. A backup of critical supplies/medications can be kept in the nurse's office.

Action Plans

Any student who has been identified as having Asthma, Life Threatening Allergy (LTA), Diabetes, or Seizure history is required to have an action plan on file. The action plans are available on our website and should be completed by the child's provider and returned to the Health Office prior to the first day of school.

Students with life threatening allergies and/or asthma will need to have their own rescue medications with them for field trips. If you need assistance obtaining an auto-injector, please contact our office.


The nurses also strive to be a resource to students for various needs. In an effort to increase student knowledge about the effects of drugs, alcohol and vaping, the following resources are available. Please contact us with any questions.

New Students

Nursing staff ensure immunization records and physical examinations are in compliance with Massachusetts Department of Public Health's (MA DPH) guidelines. Please review the MA DPH School Immunization Requirements at for updates. 

Please help us by submitting these required items prior to the first school day:
  • Physical Exam, performed within the year prior to entrance to Minuteman
  • Immunization Record from your child's medical provider
  • Minuteman Annual Health Form completed by parent/guardian

If you need to request that your child be exempt from the Massachusetts General Law immunization requirements because such requirements conflict with your sincere religious beliefs, please complete an Immunization Requirements Exemption Form on an annual basis.

Sports & Physical Education

Our staff works with the Athletic Department to clear students prior to sports participation. Physical exams for school athletics are valid for 13 months from the date of their completion. Please register for sports via the athletic department and upload a copy of your child's physical exam annually to ensure uninterrupted participation in school athletics.

Students who have sustained an injury or concussion must submit written clearance from their medical provider allowing them to participate in sports/physical education without restrictions. Please use the form on this page for injuries requiring modification to sports and physical education.