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Contact Us

  • Main Number: 781-918-6755

  • Office Hours: M-F 7:40am-2:30pm

  • Email:

  • Please contact Cheryl Mixon or call 781-274-1026 for absences or to schedule early dismissals for appointments. Please visit the attendance page for more information.

  • Confidential Nurses' Office Fax: 781-861-3421

If you are sending health information to the nurses via email, please use the Nurses' Office general email address to ensure that all of the office staff have access to the information. The general email account is checked frequently throughout the school day. The nurses individual email accounts are checked less frequently. 

*Reminder: if your student is going to be out sick, or needs to be dismissed for a scheduled appointment, please contact Cheryl Mixon in the Assistant Principal's Office.


Please note that confidentially of student health information is of the utmost importance to us. All student health records are kept confidential and only necessary information is shared with school personnel directly involved with the care of your child. All paper health records are kept in the health office in locked cabinets. The electronic medical records are password protected and only accessed by the nurses. We understand that a lot of health information is requested by our office. Any health information requested by the nurses is necessary to provide best care for your child at Minuteman.