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students of the term
Daniel O'Brien
students of the term

From left: Assistant Principal Brian Tildsley, Caitlyn Turell, Alice Dalton, Tyler Berard, Nathan Reed, and Attendance Officer Cheryl Mixon.

LEXINGTON -- Tuesday, December 20, 2022 -- Minuteman High School recently recognized four students from Concord, Dedham, Lancaster, and Arlington with the Student of the Term Award. The award is based on nominations from teachers and highlights academic achievement, good character, and creating a positive school climate. One student is awarded per grade level.

Overseen by Assistant Principal Brian Tildsley, the Students of the Term receive certificates and are awarded lunch with teachers and staff in the school’s student-operated restaurant, The District.

Here is a list of the Students of the Term:

  • Nathan Reed of Concord is a grade 9 student who is in the Freshman Career Exploratory Program. He was nominated by teachers for his “intelligence, politeness, and kindness.” Nathan has excelled academically and is mostly interested in pursuing the science-related career technical education majors at Minuteman. Nathan plays on the football and basketball teams, participates in the barbeque club, and enjoys video and board games.  
  • Caitlyn Turell of Dedham is a grade 10 student in the Environmental Science career major. She was nominated by her teachers for “being dedicated to Minuteman, displaying maturity, and is a constant pleasure to have in class.” Caitlyn performs well academically, and her favorite subject is math. She plays basketball and soccer. Caitlyn would like to become a marine biologist or pursue a career in a related field. 
  • Tyler Berard of Lancaster is a grade 11 student in the Metal Fabrication and Welding career major. He was noted by his teachers for his “consistent hard work, quiet determination, and respect for others.” Tyler enjoys hunting, fishing, and welding. He would like to pursue a career in the welding trade. 
  • Alice Dalton of Arlington is a grade 12 student in the Electrical Wiring career major. She was nominated by teachers for being “an articulate, hardscrabble leader who contributes to classes with an energetic personality.” Alice works for Cummings Properties through the Cooperative Education Program. Her favorite subject is math and she is a star player for the girls’ soccer, basketball, and softball teams. Alice would like to begin working as an electrical apprentice with a local union after graduation.  


Congratulations to these students!

Students of the Term December 2022