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girls soccer players
Daniel O'Brien
girls soccer players

Members of the 2022 Girls' Soccer Team. From left, back row: Cameron French, grade 11, Arlington; Sabina Doyle, grade 11, Arlington; Alice Dalton, grade 12, Arlington; Annie Brosnan, grade 12, Arlington; Achol Manyang, grade 9, Arlington; Ellie Kolowski, grade 11, Lancaster; Zoe Katsiaficas, grade 9, Arlington; Emily Grandon, grade 10, Medford; Reena Treadwell, grade 9, Arlington; Dakota Mulliner, grade 11, Lexington; front row, from left: Sam Monaghan, grade 10, Needham; Kaytaki Pathak, grade 10, Arlington; and Angie Lazarova, grade 9, Arlington.

LEXINGTON – Thursday, December 9, 2022 – Minuteman High School in Lexington honored its fall student athletes at the 2022 Fall Sports Awards Ceremony at the school on Wednesday, December 8.

Twenty-four students received awards for their athletic performances this season on the following Minuteman Revolution teams: Cheerleading; Cross Country (Boys and Girls); Football; Golf; Soccer (Boys and Girls); and Volleyball.

Minuteman prides itself in having a “no cut, no fee” policy, ensuring all students can play. This year, it launched the Volleyball Team amid growing interest from students.

“Congratulations to the Minuteman Revolution scholar athletes who all showcased their dedication, teamwork, and commitment this fall season,” said Dr. Kathleen A. Dawson, Superintendent of the Minuteman Regional Technical School District. “Your accomplishments are the result of your outstanding efforts and support of each other. I also commend all the coaches and parents who help our students reach the top of their game. Go Revs!”

boys soccer players

Members of the 2022 Boys' Soccer Team: Nolan Griffin, grade 12, Arlington; Branden Carta, grade 9, Arlington; Shane Carta, grade 11, Arlington; Alex Perhanidis, grade 12, Arlington; and Drew Sandstrom, grade 10, Bolton. 

During the ceremony, the coaches of both the boys’ and girls’ soccer teams lauded the players for having the best recent seasons in about a decade.

Nicole Devereaux, boys’ soccer coach and math teacher, said the team’s robust success at both offense and defense led to a varsity season record of 10 wins, 4 losses and 4 ties, and an undefeated record for junior varsity; the team qualified for the state tournament for the first time. Whereas in previous seasons the team might only score a handful of goals, this season was “a scoring frenzy,” she said.

“It’s very impressive for our seniors to see where they began as freshmen to where they are now,” Deveraux said.

Diane Dempsey, girls’ soccer coach and guidance counselor, gave a shout-out to the Arlington  Soccer Club, where many of her student athletes formerly played. The girls’ team also qualified for the state tournament and had a season record of 12 wins, 5 losses, and 1 tie.

Dempsey praised goalie Achol Manyang, grade 9, of Arlington, for overseeing 9 “shut out” games in which the opposing team did not score any goals. “This is unbelievable for any player, let alone a freshman,” Dempsey said. Manyang received the Most Valuable Player Award.

The following students were recognized at the banquet:



·         Most Valuable Player (MVP): Emma Heckman, grade 12, Needham

·         Most Improved Player: Sala Wax, grade 9, Arlington

·         Coaches’ Award: Rylee Truesdale, grade 10, Waltham


Cross Country (Boys):

·         MVP: Alexey Nikolaev, grade 10, Arlington

·         MVP: Jack Grater, grade 11, Acton

·         Coaches’ Award: Aidan Goff, grade 12, Arlington


Cross Country (Girls):

·         MVP: Kaitlyn Collins, grade 9, Acton

·         Most Improved Player: Alyssa Collins, grade 9, Acton

·         Coaches’ Award: Yuika Tano, grade 12, Arlington



·         MVP: Zachary Evans, grade 12, Sudbury

·         Most Improved Player: Wilson Loureiro, grade 12, Arlington

·         Coaches’ Award: Zachary Orfanos, grade 11, Arlington


·         MVP: Charles Shriber, grade 12, Arlington

·         MVP: Ben Morse, grade 10, Stow

·         Most Improved Player: Derek O’Brien, grade 11, Arlington


Soccer (Boys):

·         MVP: Shane Carta, grade 11, Arlington

·         Most Improved Player: Dean O’Brien, grade 12, Arlington

·         Coaches’ Award: Alex Perhanidis, grade 12, Arlington


Soccer (Girls):

·         MVP: Achol Manyang, grade 9, Arlington

·         Most Improved Player: Megan Sweeney, grade 11, Arlington

·         Coaches’ Award: Elizabeth Kolakowski, grade 11, Lancaster



·         MVP: Dillen Pritchett, grade 10, Arlington

·         Most Improved Player: Camille Warford, grade 11, Arlington

·         Coaches’ Award: Moira Ward, grade 10, Bolton