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Football Home Facility:

Minuteman High School
Outdoor Athletic Fields
758 Marrett Road, Lexington, MA

Summer 2022

Dear prospective player,

The Football team will start pre-season activities on Monday, August and go through Friday August 2622, 2022. This week will be dedicated to the basics – running, stretching, drills and rules. Please come prepared with arrive with mouth guards, cleats, shorts, t-shirts, and water bottles.  This week should not be the first time you touch a football ball or run all summer! You need to be prepared for our first football game.

Although Minuteman offers a no-cut policy, this rule does not mean that all athletes are entitled to the same amount of playing time during the season. This is a varsity sport – not an intramural or town team. All athletes are expected to attend all practices and games. Work and/or Co-op are not an excuse to miss either practice or a game. Please decide prior to the start of the season. If your priorities are work related, please reconsider being on the team. It is not fair to the other players.

All athletes need a recent (within one year) physical to participate in high school sports. Students must submit a copy of the physical. The permission form signed by your parent/guardian is also required before athletes are allowed to participate – YOU MUST COMPLETE THE ONLINE REGISTRATION, THE CONCUSSION TEST AND SUBMIT A RECENT PHYSICAL ASAP!

Please be at Minuteman on Monday, August 22nd at 10:00 am. Our schedule for that first full week will be as follows:

Day one-

Monday- 10-12 - Paperwork Collection and checks, handing out equipment. Possibly light conditioning if time permits.

Day Two- Tuesday- 10-12, shorts and t-shirts, helmets, conditioning only.

Days 3,4,5- Wed, Thurs, and Friday- Double sessions from 12pm-5pm. Please bring bag lunches during these three days.

Double sessions from 12-2, lunch break from 2-3, and 3-5 session after lunch. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email me at I look forward to working with you all in the fall!


Constantine Georgopoulos

Varsity Football Coach