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How We Do It

Academic classes and career major classes are delivered on a weekly rotating system (one week academic, one week career major). Academically, Minuteman offers a variety of courses in English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, Languages (Spanish & American Sign Language), Music, and Art. Academic courses are offered at multiple levels including Advanced Placement (AP), honors, college preparatory, and supportive.

Juniors and seniors in good standing may access our Cooperative Education Program which allows juniors and seniors an opportunity to work in their field of study during the week they would normally be in class for their career major. This program is commonly known as “Co-op”.

In addition to a high school diploma, graduating seniors are eligible for industry credentials. In many instances, the hours that students have earned while in their career major may be applied toward licensing and apprenticeship programs. Certain programs allow qualified students to test out of a course, gain college credit while at Minuteman, or take a course through independent study or through a web based program.

As an accredited member of the New England Association of Schools & Colleges (NEASC), Minuteman challenges all students to revolutionize their high school expectations by aspiring to their full potential, accelerating their learning, and achieving success in the 21st-century global community.