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Trinity Choroszej '22

Trinity Choroszej, a senior from Arlington in the Biotechnology career major, is a Student Ambassador, a member of the Community Service Club, and a player on the girls’ soccer team. As a Student Ambassador, Trinity speaks with middle school students about Minuteman and emphasizes the strong bonds that are formed by students of various backgrounds. She has always been interested in science and plans to enroll in a college or university to study medicine.

Q. How would you describe the students and teachers at Minuteman?

We are a very welcoming, open-minded community. The teachers are fabulous and really do care about your education. People are very friendly here. The students really love it here – we chose to be here. They think it’s the best decision they’ve ever made. For a small student body, we have a large amount of diversity. I’m from Malaysia myself, I have a friend who is Filipino, another from Japan. We have diversity from the LGBTQ+ community, and we have a club for it. We’re a safe haven and people love it here.

Q. Why did you choose the Biotechnology career major?

I chose Biotech because it’s based in science. I know the scientific knowledge will help me later on toward becoming a pre-med student, which involves chemistry and biology – all the things we learn about in the Biotechnology major. We are so fortunate to have state-of-the-art technology in our lab at Minuteman – we have bioreactors, everything you need to do dissections, incubators, a tissue culture room, all of which you would find in real labs.

Q. What makes Minuteman a special place?

Everyone arrives from different towns with different backgrounds – and we all come together to do what we’re passionate about. When you start as a freshman, every other ninth-grader is new to the school too. Over time, you choose your career technical major, and your “shop” becomes your family. If you join a sports team, you spend so much time together. My soccer team and I have been through a lot… and they are basically my family now, too.

Q. What do you appreciate about a Minuteman education?

Minuteman really invests in the students. We have a small student-to-teacher ratio; it’s very individualized. The teachers care about where you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and what tools you’ll need. Your academic classes can be quite rigorous. I’m taking dual-enrollment classes (in which students receive college credit), and I feel I am being challenged. The idea that I could go to college and study the exact subject I’ve been learning about really does excite me.

Trinity Choroszej
Class of 2022