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Evan Long '22

Evan Long of Needham was in the Electrical Wiring career major and graduated in 2022. Evan is a member of the National Honors Society. He played on the football team before working for TSD Electric, LLC, in Westwood through Minuteman’s Cooperative Education (Co-Op) Program. He began working as an electrical apprentice for the IBEW Local 103 electrical union of Boston immediately after graduation.

“Electrical felt right to me. It made sense for me,” Evan said. “On co-op, I helped install an expensive chandelier in a $5 million house – we had to put in each individual crystal. I felt important, like I had a purpose being there working on this large job. And I really enjoyed taking a step back and seeing the finished product.”

Evan Long in the electrical shop in the fall of 2021

Evan Long in Minuteman's Electrical Wiring learning space in the fall of 2021.

Evan excelled in academics – his favorite subject was psychology – and would like to pursue further schooling that is provided cost-free through his labor union. “I’m excited to learn more about my trade, get my license, and maybe start my own business down the road,” he said. “There is a lack of skilled workers, the salary is definitely going up, and I’m going into a field that is not going to be obsolete. Assuming you love working in electrical, why would you pass that up?”

Evan enrolled in Minuteman at the suggestion of his guidance counselor, who knew he liked to play video games and was a hands-on learner. “You realize everyone is in the same boat. We’re all from different towns,” he said. “You’ll find people who are really cool and you’ll make friends easily.”

Evan Long of the class of 2022

Evan Long
Class of 2022
Electrical Wiring