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Dylan Higgins '22

Dylan Higgins, of Acton, was in the Biotechnology career major at Minuteman. Dylan graduated in 2022 and was named the Salutatorian. He is attending Tufts University.

During his senior year at Minuteman, Dylan worked for Cummings Properties through the Cooperative Education Program (Co-Op) to help the development company with the designs of biotechnology labs.

While at Minuteman, Dylan was a Student Ambassador, Student Government Vice President, Music Club President (he plays guitar and sings), Peer Leader, member of the National Honor Society, and volunteer for various events.

Q: Why did you choose Minuteman?

I wanted to get a leg up on what I want to do post high school, whether that’s college or going straight into the workforce. I know I want to work in the biotechnology field. That’s something I had decided before coming to Minuteman.

Dylan Higgins is pictured after the 2022 Commencement Ceremony.

Q: What interests you the most about biotechnology?

It helps explain what’s going on around me. It shows the building blocks of life. That’s something I’ve always been interested in. I’ve always wanted to figure out what’s going on around me, and biology and chemistry shows you all of that.

At Minuteman, I love that you get working on hands-on lab experiments right off the bat. In my second week in Biotech, we started growing bacteria and started a process… to edit their genes. It’s amazing to me that I could start doing that in school right away.

Q: Is there anything about Minuteman that is unique or special to you?

How friendly everyone is. I was coming in completely fresh, and I didn’t know anyone. Now, I’ve got a lot of people at school who are like family to me. I talk to them all the time, I hang out with them, and they’re there to support me.

Dylan Higgins working at Cummings Properties in 2022.

Dylan Higgins is pictured working at Cummings Properties as part of his Co-Op job placement in 2022.

Q. You still have time to decide, but have you thought about your plans after high school?

Post high school, I’d like to get two degrees: one in tissue engineering and one in regenerative medicines. That’s going to require a lot of hard work, and Biotech will prepare me for that. I’d like to … work on limb regeneration and that style of work and research.

Q: What message do you have for younger students thinking about joining Minuteman?

It’s an incredible experience. If there is something that’s interesting or that you really want to do, go ahead and try it. Minuteman gives you the time to explore all of these different things. That’s what Minuteman is here to help you do. So, try things. Reach out. Talk to your teachers about stuff you’re specifically interested in, and lead yourself there.

Dylan Higgins
Class of 2022