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School Building Committee Charge and Members


The School Building Committee was initially formed on 9/27/11. On 6/12/12, the School Committee took two votes: 1.) charging the School Building Committee to conduct and produce the Feasibility Study, and to report to the School Committee as appropriate, and 2.) affirming that final and binding decisions on behalf of the District with respect to the proposed building project shall be made by the District School Committee, acting by and through its School Building Committee.

Current as of 7/11/17


Member Town  School Building Committee Member
 Acton     Mike Majors
 Arlington  Nawwaf Kaba
 Bolton  Don Lowe
 Concord  Frank Cannon, Alice Kaufman
 Dover  Ford Spalding, School Building Committee Chair
 Lancaster  Orlando Pacheco 
 Lexington  Dana Ham
 Needham  Marianne Cooley
 Stow  Alice DeLuca
 Administration  Ed Bouquillon
   Kevin Mahoney
   Jack Dillon
 Other Dave Frizzell
  Bill Blake 
Non-Voting  Matt McLean
  Design Team Members 
  Mary Ann Williams, Skanska (Owners Project Manager)
  Dale Caldwell, Skanska
  Mike McKeon, KBA (Architect) 
  Brian Solywoda, KBA
  Larry Trim, KBA
  Seunghwan Lee, KBA
  Joanna Kripp, Gilbane Building Company (CM at Risk)
  Walt Kincaid, Gilbane Building Company