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Module 2: Forming the Project Team (OPM and Designer)

Module 2 involves forming the project team by selecting an Owner's Project Manager (OPM) and a Designer.


MSBA Module 2 Guidelines


OPM Process

A subcommittee of 6 members of the School Building Committee met from July-November, 2012 to select an Owner's Project Manager (OPM). The selection of Skanska, USA, with Maryanne Williams as the lead, was approved in December, 2012.



MSBA OPM Approval 12/5/12

Skanska Executed Contract

Skanska Contract Attachment A 12/6/12

OPM Selection Update 1/4/13


Designer Selection Process

A subcommittee of 5 members of the School Building Committee met from January-March, 2013 to select a Designer. The selection of Kaestle Boos Associates (KBA) was finalized in April, 2013.


RFS for Designer Jan., 2013

Designer Selection Process Schedule 1/8/13

KBA Presentation 1/8/13

KBA Designer Contract 4/8/13