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Educational Program Plan

The new school will enable Minuteman to implement an Educational Program Plan that was developed to identify the careers in highest demand in the region's labor market. In developing the list of programs to be included in our new Educational Program Plan, we looked at six indicators including: job growth, living wage, student interest, emerging technologies and their impact on occupations, other existing training sources outside the District but available to learners, and the strength (or potential strength) of an industry partner. A seventh indicator--student placement--is considered when a program may be eliminated.

This Educational Program Plan is embraced by both our District School Committee and by the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education. The Plan includes two new programs: Advanced Manufacturing and Multi-Media Engineering (Technical Theater).

The new building will reflect this career and technical education programming, which will be organized into two overarching Academies: Engineering, Construction, and Trades Academy Programs and Life Sciences and Services Academy Programs. Common to both will be Shared Services and Programs. Within the Academies, the 16 programs of study will be arranged under 5 Career Pathways.

See Academy Pathway Overview here.

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