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Education Program Plan

The Education Program Plan was developed as part of the Preliminary Design Program. By School Committee vote on 7/9/13, a task force was formed. Six members of this task force met from July 15-September 25, 2013, and developed recommendations to inform the design, which would be included in the Preliminary Design Program submission. These recommendations were approved by the School Committee on 10/8/13. The Preliminary Design Program was submitted on 11/4/13.


As the project developed, the task force was reconvened to consider revisions to the Education Program Plan. They met from August 19-September 16, 2014. The task force voted on 9/2/14 to endorse the Superintendent's recommended revisions to the Education Program Plan.


The School Committee then held a special meeting on 9/10/14 and voted to accept the Education Program Plan as presented by the Superintendent and as recommended by the Education Program Plan Task Force.


Superintendent's Presentation 9/10/14

School Committee Vote 9/10/14


The Education Program Plan was revised September, 2014 and submitted as Draft V. 6.3 to DESE in October, 2014. Their letter of support was submitted to MSBA with the Preferred Schematic Report in June, 2015. The MSBA approved the Preferred Schematic Report on August 6, 2015.


The Education Program Plan Labor Market Information Analysis v7 updated 3.2.17 can be found here.