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Construction Manager (CM) at Risk Selection Subcommittee

The Construction Manager (CM) at Risk Subcommittee

appointed by the School Building Committee 1/11/16; updated 10/5/16

Dana Ham

Frank Cannon

David Frizzell

Simon Bunyard

Ed Bouquillon

Kevin Mahoney

Ford Spalding, Ex Officio

Mary Ann Williams, OPM and Dale Caldwell, Skanska USA

Brian Solywoda and Larry Trim, Architects, KBA


CM Procurement Schedule

Ch 149A CM at Risk Selection Process

Subcommittee Logistics October, 2016-January 9, 2017


Request for Qualifications (RFQ) 10/5/16

Subcommittee RFQ Review Meeting Agenda 11/3/16 Review Results


Request for Proposals (RFP) 11/8/16

Subcommittee Interview Meeting Agenda 12/10/16

Interview Questions