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Archive of Updates


Updates: 2014-15


Submitting the Preferred Schematic Report

The District submitted the Preferred Schematic Report to the MSBA on June 11, 2015. The MSBA Board will review this and make its determination on August 6, 2015. Details on the submission can be found in Module 3: Feasibility Study, Preferred Schematic Report.


Voting on Preferred Schematic Option: School Committee

At their May 19, 2015 meeting, the School Committee voted to approve the recommendation of the School Building Committee for a Preferred Schematic Option for a New School with a Design Enrollment for 628 students, and to authorize Skanska, USA, the Owner's Project Manager, to submit the Preferred Schematic Option and accompanying Report to the MSBA on behalf of the District, no later than June 11, 2015. Read press release here.


Voting on Preferred Schematic Option: School Building Committee

At their May 11, 2015 meeting, the School Building Committee voted on the Preferred Schematic Option they would recommend to the School Committee. Presentation materials can be found here.


Community Presentations

Members of the Minuteman School Committee, the School Building Committee, and the Administration have developed a schedule of community presentations to inform stakeholders of issues related to the Building Project and to gather questions and feedback that will inform the School Committee as they prepare to take their vote on the preferred option to recommend to MSBA. This vote is scheduled for the May 19, 2015 School Committee Meeting. Related documents are found below:


Sample Presentation: Acton

Building Project: Why We Need to Act (video)

Enhancing Our Education Program: Career Academy (video)

Community Presentation Schedule 4/17/15

Report on Community Presentations (5/6/15)

Frequently Asked Questions


Updates: 2015-16


June, 2016

At the Special Meeting called for 6/27/16, the Minuteman School Committee voted to authorize debt under MGL Ch. 71, Sec. 16 (n). Information on the District Ballot Election can be found here.


May, 2016

The town of Belmont voted on 5/4/16 to reject the project. The motion was defeated by a vote of 141/81. All the other 15 towns either voted "Yes" or took no action, which means non-disapproval. Based on Belmont's vote, t

he District sent a letter to MSBA, pursuant to

MSBA policy on 5/18/16. On 5/25/16, the MSBA made a determination, granting Minuteman an extension until 11/30/16 to secure local approval. Read MSBA letter (6/17/16) and related press release here.


March-May, 2016

The new Regional Agreement was approved by the Commissioner on 3/11/16. On 3/15/16, the School Committee voted to bond for the Building Project under MGL Ch. 71, 16 (d). Read letter sent to all member towns informing them of the vote here. The Annual Town Meeting (Spring, 2016) schedule and results related to bonding the project under 16 (d) can be found here.


January, 2016

The MSBA Board of Directors considered Minuteman's submitted Schematic Design and at their meeting held in Boston on 1/27/16, they voted unanimously to authorize its Executive Director to enter into a project funding agreement with Minuteman for the new $144.9 million educational facility. Read press release.


December, 2015

On 12/15/15, the Superintendent and the Architects met with the Town of Lincoln's Capital Committee. See KBA Presentation.


November, 2015

The School Committee met on 11/17/15 and voted 12-1 to approve the recommendation of the School Building Committee to approve the Schematic Design, and to authorize Skanska USA, the Owner’s Project Manager, to submit the Schematic Design materials to the Massachusetts School Building Authority on behalf of the Minuteman School District, no later than 12/1/15. See KBA PresentationMinutes, and Press Release.


The School Building Committee met on November 16, 2015 and voted 13-0 to approve the Schematic Design with the recommendation to the School Committee to authorize Skanska USA, the Owner's Project Manager, to submit the Schematic Design materials to the Massachusetts School Building Authority on behalf of the Minuteman School District, no later than 12/1/15. See Minutes. See KBA Presentation.


October-November, 2015

Community meetings were held during October-November, 2015 to address concerns raised by some of the towns. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) can be found here.


September-October, 2015

Information Sessions for Town Officials

Three meetings were scheduled to present information on the Building Project to Town Officials (9/21, 9/28, and 10/ 2/15). Below are documents related to these information meetings:

1. Updated Power Point (10/2/15)

2. The "Go It Alone" Option [The Non-MSBA Report and Appendix documents can be found here.]

3. Repairs Only Breakdown

4. Enrollment Resolution Facts: The Determination of the 628 Student Design Enrollment Number

5. Assessment Projections

6. Summary of Attendees

7. Q & A from Information Sessions


September, 2015

At their 9/15/15 meeting, the Minuteman School Committee approved Minuteman District Goals 2015-16, focused on attaining the required approvals for a schematic design and for funding the proposed building project.


August, 2015

With the 8/6/15 vote of the MSBA, the District has been approved to move forward into Module 4: Schematic Design. Read more here.


Updates: 2016-17


April, 2017

The Design Team, consisting of the Owner's Project Manager (Skanska), the Architects (Kaestle Boos), and the Construction Manager at Risk (Gilbane Building Co.), met regularly through out the year with members of the Administration and the staff to develop the design. The Design Development document was submitted to MSBA on


March 14, 2017.

Meetings continue with the Town of Lincoln as part of the permitting process, and once that is complete, a schedule will be developed.


January, 2017

Gilbane Building Company was hired to join the team as the General Building Contractor, under the Construction Manager at Risk contract.


September, 2016-Spring, 2017: Module 6

This is the Detailed Design phase, prior to construction (Module 7).


September, 2016: Module 5 completed

On September 20, 2016, Minuteman held a District Wide Election asking voters to approve bonding of the proposed new building for Minuteman's future students. The vote passed by a 70% margin. See Results and Related Press Release.