Remote Learning Plan

  • Minuteman High School's Remote Learning Plan

    The teachers and staff at Minuteman Regional Vocational Technical High School are working diligently to provide remote learning opportunities for all students during the ongoing school closure due to the coronavirus outbreak.

    Minuteman has developed a Remote Learning Plan that has been shared with all students and families. Minuteman's Remote Learning Plan follows the latest recommendations from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). These plans may be adjusted as circumstances warrant or as guidelines from state or federal education officials change during this unprecedented emergency. Minuteman is closely monitoring DESE's approach to schools that specialize in career technical education (CTE), such as Minuteman, and will inform all students and families by email of any developments. We are posting updates regularly at

    • Online Learning Tools: Minuteman's teachers and students are using online learning tools that have been reviewed and implemented through a collaboration between teachers on the school's Digital Learning Team and the Information Technology Department. Please note that all Minuteman students must use their email accounts and cannot use their personal accounts to participate in remote learning or when communicating with teachers and staff.

      • Aspen is Minuteman's student data system that allows students and teachers to submit assignments virtually and keep track of assessments of student work. Assignments can be found here.

      • Microsoft Teams is a platform that allows students, teachers, and staff to securely share files in groups, conduct video conference calls, and other features.

      • is an online app to upload worksheets to collect responses through a variety of question types online.

      • is a website that presents educational videos from a variety of online sources. These videos can contain assessments, notes, and teacher-created audio.

      • is an app that replaces worksheets. Teachers can create online assessments and activities by assigning them with a simple click.

      • Additional resources from WGBH-TV. Boston's PBS affiliate, WGBH, is providing online and broadcast educational resources for K-12 students in partnership with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.

    • Terms of Remote Learning by Audio and Video Conferencing: All students must follow the guidelines of conduct for participating in audio and video conferencing as part of remote learning, which are available to read here.

    • Seniors: Students in 12th grade are required to complete their Senior Portfolios and Senior Projects as outlined previously. Seniors will not receive additional academic assignments for the reminder of the year but should remain connected with their instructors to complete these tasks in order to graduate in June. As we stated in a previous letter, the Senior Portfolio is due Monday, May 11, and the Senior Project is due Friday, May 22. In addition, all seniors must participate in a virtual exit interview with their guidance counselor. Lastly, please note that all teachers and staff members are available to assist senior students virtually.
    • Grade 9-11 Scheduling: (UPDATED 5/4/20): For the remainder of the school year, all students in grades 9-11 will follow a remote learning schedule. One week will be designated for vocational classes, and the following week will be designated for academic classes, just as we do typically. Please note that ninth-grade students will only have math and English team sessions during their scheduled academic weeks and not during their vocational weeks.

      Each student will individually receive a detailed schedule pertaining to their specific classes. However, for academic classes, the overall schedule is as follows:

      • Monday: English Language Arts
      • Tuesday: Math
      • Wednesday: Science
      • Thursday: History
      • Friday: Humanities and Physical Education

      Vocational classes will be planned throughout the week. Special education staff will attend their assigned classes and provide individualized support to students throughout the week. It should be noted that we are eliminating online office hours for teachers, which we instituted during the most recent version of our remote learning plan. Because we are now shifting to required participation, we no longer believe office hours are necessary. However, teachers and staff are always available to provide individualized support as requested by students. We also have outlined a plan for our teachers for identify students who are at-risk for not obtaining course credit.

    • Grade 9-11 Course Credit (UPDATED 5/4/20): Teachers will provide students specific information about how their remote learning work will translate into course credit. Generally speaking, and in following the most recent guidance issued by Massachusetts Education Commissioner Jeff Riley, Minuteman will provide course credit largely based on participation and engagement with the material. The more students engage with the material, the more credit they will receive to improve their overall grade point average. Course credit will be provided largely based on the quantity of participation and engagement.

      For both vocational and academic classes, the guidelines for issuing course credit are as follows:

      • “A” or 100%: The student’s end-of-year portfolio artifact and reflection for each class are completed, and 80% or more of the remote learning assignments are completed.
      • “B” or 85%: The portfolio artifact and reflection for each class are completed, and 50% or more of the remote learning assignments are completed.
      • “C” or 75%: The portfolio artifact and reflection for each class are completed, and less than 50% of the remote learning assignments are completed.
      • No Credit: No submissions.

    • Special Education teachers will continue to provide individualized support for students. Further information is available on our website.

    • Staying Active: As part of Minuteman's commitment to help everyone stay healthy and active, we have created a "Staying Active" web page with videos and tips on how to engage in exercise at home.


Online Class Schedule - Format 2 [Sophomore/Senior Academics]

  • Academics: May 4-9, May 18-22, June 1-5, June 15-19

    CTE: May 11-15, May 25-29, June 8-12

    Makeup Days: June 22-23