Staying Active During Social Distancing

  • During the school closure due to the coronavirus, Assistant Principal and Coach Brian Tildsley and others will post workout routines that anyone can do from home without exercise equipment. Check it out!

    A quick note from Coach Tildsley:

    "Staying active as we practice physical distancing can be challenging. That's why we're posting video workout routines that anyone can do from home with no exercise equipment needed! It's important that we continue to stay focused on our physical health to help our body and mind as we get through these difficult times. These exercises are only here to be helpful and no one is required to participate. We will also try to post other types of exercise routines here, such as Zumba and Yoga. Stay tuned! And always remember -- work hard and do your best!"

At Home Workout Videos with Coach T

At Home Yoga with Mrs. Gahan

Curated Workout Playlists


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