Horticulture & Plant Science

Program Description

  • The Horticulture & Landscape Technology program prepares students for the wide variety of occupations in four areas of study:

    1. Landscaping
    2. Arboriculture
    3. Turf Management
    4. Greenhouse/Floriculture

    that exist in this broad field. The program covers horticulture and landscaping operations and maintenance on Minuteman’s 65 acre campus, on the grounds of nearby institutions and through participation in Minuteman’s off-site projects. Arboriculture skills such as tree climbing, proper pruning, fertilization, pest control, planting and transplanting are also taught. Employment of grounds maintenance workers is projected to grow 6 percent from 2014 to 2024, about as fast as the average for all occupations. More workers will be needed to keep up with increasing demand for lawn care and landscaping services from large institutions and individual homeowners.

    Work in the school’s greenhouse provides learning experiences in plant production, soil and plant sciences, integrated pest management, greenhouse management, landscape maintenance and formal gardening, arboriculture/urban forestry, as well as OSHA safety. Students operate seasonal sales and create flower arrangements in seasons of the year when the demand is highest. All students learn how to operate and maintain equipment such as diesel tractors, wood chipper, backhoe, rototiller, and chain saws. Each year the students attend the New England Grows Convention and participate in the Future Farmers of America Career Development Events. New areas and technologies are always under review for inclusion in our curriculum.

Course Content

    • Hand and Power Tools
    • Planting landscape plants
    • Planting bedding plants
    • Introduction to Landscape Design
    • Greenhouse Management
    • Plant Propagation
    • Floral Design
    • Bulb Forcing
    • Pruning
    • Landscape Business Management/Customer Relations
    • Maintenance of Forest & Ornamental Trees
    • Maintenance of Landscaping Equipment
    • Marketing Holiday Crops
    • Holiday Floral Design
    • Turf Management
    • Integrated Pest Management (IPM)
    • Small Business Management
    • Urban Tree Problems
    • Soil Testing and Fertilizers
    • Arboriculture
    • Opportunity for co-op placement

Employers Hiring Minuteman Graduates

    • Nelson Property Management
    • Weston Nurseries
    • Goldstar Nurseries
    • Belmont Landscaping
    • Shemin Nursery
    • Oakley Country Club
    • Wayland Country Club
    • Russell’s Garden Center
    • J.C Landscaping
    • John R. Elicone & Associates
    • M.J. Landscape Services
    • Town of Arlington
    • Winchester Country Club

Advisory Committee Partners

Industry Certifications

    • MTI Horticulture & Landscape Technology Certificate
    • OSHA 10-Hour Construction Safety Certification
    • Pesticide Applicators License

Possible Career Pathways

    • Arborist/Tree worker
    • Conservation Technician
    • Equipment Operator
    • Florist/Sales
    • Golf Course Technician
    • Greenhouse Manager
    • Horticulturalist
    • Landscape Contractor/Owner
    • Landscape Designer
    • Nursery Technician
    • Floral Designer
    • Parks and Recreation Specialist
    • Turf Grass Manager

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Starting Salary

  • Earnings Vary by Speciality
    $20,000 and up

    *Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics
    Website: bls.gov/ooh

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