Automotive Technology

Program Description

  • This is a four-year program designed in modules for students to study the eight (8) general areas of ASE (Automotive Service Excellence). A ninth area, Introduction, is also part of the course. This module is designed to cover basics; safety, tool usage and care, fasteners and common maintenance services. Module sequence is stated below in the Program Content section. Each module consists of related theory in a classroom setting and hands-on, practical application using live vehicles or “mock-ups” to support completion of the NATEF task requirements for each module. Upon completion of a module, students will complete a written and hands-on exam. Students will also complete NATEF “end-of-program” tests for each module. Automotive Technology students interact with customers and generate repair orders as Foreperson/Service writer; as such, they also are responsible for looking up and ordering parts and creating estimates (parts and labor) for customers. Minuteman has been recognized by NATEF (National Automotive Technician Education Foundation). A team of industry representatives evaluated all aspects of the program and have certified that all 8 areas of ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) have been met.

Course Content

    • Introduction to Auto Mechanics
    • Engine Repair
    • Electrical/ Specialized Electronics Training
    • Engine Performance
    • Steering and Suspension
    • Brakes
    • Heating and Air Conditioning
    • Manual Transmission
    • Automatic Transmission

Employers Hiring Minuteman Graduates

    • Acton Toyota
    • Amalgamated Transportation
    • Clay Nissan Auto Engineering
    • Grava Chrysler Plymouth
    • Ira Audi Porsche
    • Ira Nissan
    • Ira Toyota
    • Kelly Nissan
    • Lawless Chrysler
    • Lowell Chevrolet
    • Mac Kenzie Auto
    • Nissan of Marlboro

Advisory Committee Partners

    • Acton Ford
    • Acton Toyota
    • Bernardi Audi
    • Fellsway Auto
    • Greater Lowell Technical HS
    • Lannan Chevrolet
    • Marlborough Highway Dept.
    • Somerville DPW
    • U.S. Army
  • March 2019

Minuteman Adult Education Programs

  • Minuteman Technical Institute

Industry Certifications

    • S/P2 Safety Training Mechanical Safety
    • Mechanical Pollution Prevention & Hazardous Materials for Auto Dealers
    • ASE Exams (student level)
    • 603 Refrigerant Handlers License
    • OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Safety
    • AC Delco Online Training

Possible Career Pathways

    • Automotive Machinist
    • Automotive Technician
    • Dealership Technician
    • Field Engineer
    • Heavy Equipment Technician
    • Independent Repair Technician
    • Manufacturer Representative
    • Parts Specialist
    • Service Support & Management
    • State MVI Inspector
    • System Specialist Technician

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Starting Salary

  • Entry-Level Salaries Start at:
    $25,000 to $35,000

    Experienced Technicians Can Make up to:
    $100,000 or more

    *Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

College Partners

    • Central Maine Community College
    • Mass Bay Community College
    • New England Institute of Technology
    • Universal Technical Institute