Engineering & Production Pathway

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  • Eugene Boyd
    Metal Fabrication & Welding Instructor

    A5.1/A5.5 unlimited
    A5.2 FCAW unlimited
    A5.4 unlimited (Stainless Steel)
    OSHA 30-hour: Construction, Safety and Health
    Hot Works Certification
    Green Construction Awareness Certification
    Hazardous Waste Certification [40-hour]
    Hoisting Single Person Certification [16-hour]
    Hoisting and Rigging Certification
    Hazard Communication Certification
    Confined Space Certified


    Local 88 Tunnelworkers

    Richard Caruso
    Robotics & Automation Instructor

    Corey Dolan
    Advanced Manufacturing Instructor


  • Sylvain LeBrun
    Metal Fabrication & Welding Aide

    Malcolm Paradise
    Engineering Instructor

    Alexander Peters
    Advanced Manufacturing Instructor