Minuteman's One-to-One Freshman Program

  •  mPower--"Empower Our Revolution"
    Victor Woodruff, Director of Educational Technology 
    mPOWER is Minuteman High School's one-to-one program for all students.  Students are assigned an individual computer (DEVICE) to be used throughout their educational years at Minuteman. The focus of the one-to-one program is the use of the DEVICE in teaching and learning to support a 21st-century learning experience, and empowering our students to be more active participants in their learning.
    Most of the freshmen at Minuteman take a semester-long Digital Literacy and Citizenship course educating them on the opportunities afforded to them using technology.  The mPower one-to-one program extends the learning throughout their entire educational experience at Minuteman. This program will allow opportunities for the creation of personalized and blended learning environments, enhance the creation of ePortfolios and Senior Projects and digitize the Executive Function program. Increased responsibility for students through this tool will allow them to improve time management, increase organizational skills and advance information retrieval. In both academic courses and career majors, students will use and access electronic resources to engage in and enhance their learning experience through collaboration, curation, communication, and creativity. Minuteman is an Office 365 school which embraces the cloud-based use of software and data storage. This program will prepare our students for both college and career.