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English Department Chair

  • Greg Donovan
    Drama Club Advisor

English Department Faculty

  • Kathryn Anderson
    English Teacher
    Digital Learning Curator Member

    Jim Bakeman
    English Teacher

    Bruce Girouard
    English Teacher
    Accuplacer English Lead
    Digital Learning Curator Co-Lead

    Ethan Gray
    English Teacher
    Art & Literary Magazine Advisor

    Terri O'Brien
    English Teacher
    Drama Club Assistant

    Shantel Schonour
    English Teacher
    Literacy Specialist

    Kevin Sheerin
    English Teacher
    MCAS Co-Lead Teacher Lead

    Danielle Tagg
    English Teacher
    MCAS Co-Lead Teacher Lead
    Dual Enrollment/Articulation Agreement Lead

Summer Reading

  • We hope this letter/email finds you and your families experiencing good physical and mental health.  Minuteman High School has worked diligently to create a culture of active reading in academic classes, in CTE classes, and through our annual "Minuteman Reads" Summer Reading Program.  We are proud of the fact that we were the only high school recognized as an Exemplary Reading Award winner by the Massachusetts Reading Association this spring.  

    As you can imagine, with the move to remote learning this spring, we are all concerned about maintaining and expanding upon our students’ reading skills. Actively supporting the growth of reading skills will allow students to succeed academically and vocationally, as well as helping students recognize the lifelong value of reading as a source of information, communication, and entertainment. To this end, all incoming and currently enrolled Minuteman students participate in the "Minuteman Reads" Summer Reading Program.  Due to the current pandemic we will be unable to provide each student with our carefully selected summer reading titles; instead, this summer’s program is one of enrichment. 

    Research shows that the best way to combat overall learning loss is reading. Why read at home? One of the most striking findings was that children who did not read at all over the summer experienced a loss of reading skills equivalent to as much as an entire grade level. In contrast, children who read at least five books during the summer either maintained or improved their reading skills. Students who read recreationally out-perform those who do not.

    This summer we want to encourage all Minuteman students to find books that appeal to them. Our school library website has information about how to access free e-books and audiobooks from home. As a general rule, if your student reads the first page of a book and doesn’t know five or more words, that book is too difficult. They should not get to the point of frustration. Reading should be fun, especially this summer!

    As an added incentive, all students will have the opportunity to earn extra credit in their English class at the start of the new school year.  Details for class extra credit projects will be available when students return to school.  Lastly, the Library staff have kindly put together a Summer Reading Bingo program where students can earn raffle tickets good towards assorted prizes.  Get your Bingo Cards, read, and have some fun.  Thank you for your time, and happy reading.


Benefits of Reading Books