Connect5 (Parent Notification System)

  • Keeping parents and guardians informed is a top priority for Minuteman. Connect5 is a Call Notification Service that will send phone and/or e-mail messages to you regarding weather closings, school events or emergencies. Connect5 works with our student management system (Aspen) and doesn’t require any sign up by parents.

    The system relies on up-to-date contact information entered in Aspen. You can verify your contact information via the Aspen Family Portal. Log into the Family Portal and click on the ‘Family’ toptab, then click on the Contacts sidetab.

    School Closings, School events, and Emergencies
    In the interest of student safety, decisions to close schools, delay school openings, or dismiss early due to inclement weather conditions or other unsafe conditions are made by Superintendent Bouquillon.

    As soon as a decision is made, parents and guardians will be notified by phone and email using the Connect5 parent notification system. In addition to Connect5, you may use the following resources to confirm the status of school should there be inclement weather conditions; the Minuteman website, Aspen, local radio and television stations.

    My information is not correct. How do I fix it?
    Log into the Aspen Family Portal. Click on the Family toptab, click on ‘Reports’, and select ‘Student Emergency Form’, click on ‘Run’. Print the form and edit the necessary information, then sign and date the form (at bottom), and have your child return it to the Main Office.

    Alternatively, click here to download a blank Emergency Form. Print the form and fill in the necessary information, sign and date the form (at bottom), and have your child return it to the Main Office.

    What happens if my phone is busy or no one answers (I don’t have an answering machine)?
    The system will make three attempts to reach each recipient via phone. If a call goes unanswered and no voice mail system is set up, the system will wait approximately 15 minutes and try again. If the second call is unsuccessful, the system will wait 15 more minutes before making a third and final attempt.
    Will the Connect5 system dial my extension number at work?
    The Connect5 system is not able to dial phone extensions. It can only reach direct dial phone numbers.
    I picked up the phone, said hello, but no message played (or I only heard part of the message); Why?
    The Connect system plays the message as soon as it detects an initial burst of energy, either from the recipient saying "hello" or the sound of an outgoing answering machine message. However, errors can occur if the person repeatedly says "hello" or answers in a noisy environment (i.e. traffic, children playing, loud music or television, etc.). Generally, if a person offers an extended greeting such that it overlaps the Connect message, the system pauses, waits for silence, and replays the message from the beginning.
    I may have missed a Connect5 call or email, can I get it resent?
    Recipients can also call 1-855-4Replay to hear the last message that was sent to their phone number. NOTE: you must call from the phone that received the Connect5 message.Emails can only be re-sent by the school. Please contact the school to request that an email be resent.
    I have a device that screens out telemarketers. Will that affect my ability to receive a call?
    If you have a device on your telephone line designed to prevent automated phone systems from connecting (e.g. TeleZapper, privacy Manager, Privacy Director, etc.), you may not receive the call. For example, with Privacy Director all unidentifiable incoming calls are rerouted and the callers must identify themselves for the call to go through. Because Connect5 is automated, it will not identify itself; thus the call will not get through. For screening systems that are dependent on Caller ID's, recipients can authorize access for the school’s phone number through their device. Calls identified with the school's number on the Caller ID generally have no trouble getting through Privacy Manager type systems.

    Are there other reasons why I did not receive a message on my answering machine?
    Connect5 will leave a message on the contact's voicemail or answering machine. However, the system is set to ring each line six times. If your answering machine is set to pick up on seven or more rings, the message may not be delivered to your machine. Therefore, we encourage you to set your machine to six rings or fewer.

    Have a question, suggestion, or comment about Connect5 ?
    It is important for us to hear from parents/guardians about how we can improve our notification system or our communication in general. If you have a question, suggestion, or comment about Connect5, please email us at: