Medication Management at Minuteman

  • Minuteman's nursing department manages the administration of student medications during the school day in accordance with The Massachusetts Department of Public Health's regulations. All medications required during the school day are administered by the nurse. Prior to any medication administration by the nurse, the appropriate medication permission form is necessary. All medications need to have parent/guardian permission and physician order completed and returned. The form needed for medications to be given at school is available on this site. This form may be confidentially faxed to the Health Office at 781-861-3421. Prescription medications must be in a pharmacy labeled container.

    In the case of asthma inhalers, EpiPens, and diabetes monitoring systems/insulin, students need immediate access to treatment and should carry their supplies at all times. We do encourage students to keep a backup of critical supplies/medications in the nurse's office.  

Action Plans

  • Any student who has been identified as having Asthma, Life Threatening Allergy (LTA), Diabetes, or Seizure history is required to have an action plan on file.  The action plans are available on our website and should be returned to the Health Office prior to the first day of school.
    A second labeled epinephrine auto-injector should be brought to school to keep in the Health Office for each student with a Life Threatening Allergy. Students will need to have their own labeled auto-injector for field trips. If you need assistance obtaining an auto-injector, please contact our office.

Daily Medication Administration Form

Action Plan Forms