• Dear Students and Parents,

    Minuteman has revolutionized education.  Now the country knows it — because we are a 2018 National Blue Ribbon award-winning high school!

    We deliver a full academic program integrated with valuable career and technical skills, creating a unique educational experience.  It is our mission and passion to help students from all backgrounds to aspire to their full potential, accelerate their learning, and achieve a competitive advantage for entry into college and careers.

    Only three high schools in the state earned Blue Ribbon status.  A primary reason we won the award is because of the significant gains our students make as demonstrated on the MCAS exams.  Many students moved from "proficient" to "advanced" and we had a 99% passing rate overall.

    Our curriculum is aligned with the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education Academic Frameworks. Minuteman academic departments comprise of English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education, World Languages (Spanish, Latin, French), Music, and Art. 

    The academic program of study features core and elective courses at four levels: Advanced Placement, Honors, College Prep 1, and College Prep 2.  Thanks to our partnership with Middlesex Community College, students who qualify on the basis of attendance, grades, and Accuplacer scores, can enroll in up to eight Dual Enrollment courses, earning college credit in high school.

    Students enrolled in AP, Honors, and Dual Enrollment courses are expected to meet rigorous expectations, and students in College Prep 1 must meet robust standards with great independence. College Prep 2 courses feature additional support and some remediation.

    Students are placed in levels based on a variety of data.  Students are not locked into a level of courses, but we encourage students to enroll in an appropriate, but challenging level of coursework.  Click here to view our Program of Studies.

    We offer a full inclusion model, and most College Prep 2 courses are co-taught with a subject matter specialist and a Special Education professional.  Through training and co-teaching, we seek to address the social-emotional, executive function, and academic needs of all students.

    Going forward, all of our students benefit from our “mPower Program.”  Every student is given a computer device that helps them access media, organize information, and produce content that meets 21st century standards.

    We offer a school-wide Title I program.  All students benefit from supplemental math, English, and science programs to increase proficiency with their academic skills.  Click on this link for an accountability report and here for an complete report card.

    During their tenure here, all students work with a mentor to create a Portfolio that demonstrates learning, growth, and achievement.  All seniors also complete and present a Senior Project that shows academic integration and collaboration with other students, faculty, and professionals in their respective vocational majors.

    Minuteman is the leader of academic-vocational curriculum and instruction integration.  We have begun a transition to organize into Academy and Pathways to enhance our interdisciplinary prowess.

    Through integrated learning experiences, memory, critical thinking skills, and creativity are enhanced.  Students connect academics and career interests, helping them develop greater comprehension, technical skills, and expertise.

    Our graduates are college ready as typically 67% of them attend two or four-year schools.  Minuteman students know how to cope and compete in the complex global community. We are proud of our students and all that they accomplish and please read our profile for more information.

    Minuteman is the revolution in learning!


    For more information, or to set up a time to visit, please contact:  
    George Clement
    Interim Principal of Academic Programs/Admissions Director
    781-861-6500  Ext. 7225