Welcome Message from the Superintendent

  • Whether you’re a parent, a student, or member of our community, I welcome you to Minuteman High School!  

    These are exciting times at the Minuteman campus. We've begun construction of a new school on the Lincoln side of our property, and work is moving ahead on schedule and on budget. We are planning to open the new school in the Fall of 2019.

    While construction is underway, we are simultaneously creating a new environment for teaching and learning that is able to focus on the needs of individual students to a very high degree.  The new school will include 16 career and technical education programs housed in 2 Career Academies:  a Life Sciences and Services Academy and an Engineering, Construction, and Trades Academy.  In each Academy, we will have career pathways--more focused groupings of career opportunities--for each of our students.  Within the Academies and their pathways, academic and technical teachers will jointly deliver an integrated curriculum designed to give our students the best education possible. 

    Much of this is new to Minuteman, to our teachers, and to our state.  But we've assembled a top-notch group of educators--we call them the Academy Development Team--to put our ideas into action.  This Team is working very hard to do that.

    Our goal is to keep Minuteman at the cutting edge of education and to ensure that the education we deliver to our students continues to give them the competitive advantage that they need in order to succeed in today's rapidly changing economy. 

    If you would like to talk, please contact me by email: ebouquillon@minuteman.org, on Twitter: @DrBMMHS, or by phone at 781-861-6500, ext. 7301.

    Edward A. Bouquillon, Ph.D.
    Minuteman High School
    758 Marrett Rd.
    Lexington, MA  02421