Hall of Fame

  • Minuteman is pleased to announce the new Minuteman Hall of Fame. The Hall is dedicated to those alumni who have gone above and beyond in exemplifying the spirit and mission of Minuteman High School, whether it be in the classroom, on the playing field, or in the world of business and industry.

    The Minuteman Hall of Fame nomination process is closed.
    Minuteman Hall of Fame 2017 Inductees
    • William Callahan, Retired Administrator
    • Deanne Dupont, Service/MPA
    • David Jones, Distinguished Alumna ('86)
    • Eliza Leahy, Distinguished Alumna ('07)
    • Randy LeBlanc, Distinguished Alumna ('85)
    • Richard Lee, Retired Teacher/Administrator
    • Robert McCarthy, Distinguished Alumna ('86)
    • Jody Bobbit Zolli, Distinguished Alumna ('81)
    • 2001-2002 Girl's Basketball Team


    Induction banquet will be held on Friday, November 3, 2017. 

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    John Fusco,
    Hall of Fame Chairperson