Interested in joining a program advisory board?

Minuteman High School is committed to excellence in its CTE programs. To help us achieve this aim, we reach out to leaders in business, industry, and labor, and to parents and students, and ask them to work with us as advisory in improving our curriculum and facilities for students in the Minuteman district.
By participating in this committee, you will have an opportunity to guide the Minuteman School Committee in preparing students for employment in one of our CTE programs. Each Program Advisory Committee meets 2-3 times each school year. Each Program Advisory Committee meets 2-3 times each school year. Meetings are usually held at Minuteman. In addition, our instructional staff occasionally calls upon advisory informally, as the need arises.
Ways Our Advisory Board Can Assist:
  • Review Curriculum
  • Review Data (MCAS, Enrollment, and Certificate of Occupational Proficiency)
  • Recommend New or Updated Equipment
  • Donate Materials, Equipment, and Services
  • Review, Evaluate, and Advise on New Course Content
  • Assist in the Development of Articulations or Apprenticeships
  • Assist with Chapter 74 New Program Approval Process
  • Help Schools Maintain their Libraries of Software, Visual Aids, Magazines, and Books
  • Arrange for Guest Speaking Opportunities and Field Trips
  • Program Advisory Committees

Advisory Committee Members Include:

  • Industry/Business Partners
  • Students
  • Parents/Guardians
  • Organized Labor
  • Apprenticeship Programs
  • Post-Secondary Institutions
Click here to view a list of our current partners.