Telecommunications and Fiber Optics

Tele Com pic?

The Telecommunications & Fiber Optics program allows students to learn the most up-to-date telecommunications & fiber optics technology skills. We work hard to ensure the students learn the basics of the telecommunications & fiber optics industry. This is done to ensure that as they enter this extremely volatile industry they can adapt to change. We have designed the curriculum to allow the students to enter into both postsecondary educational programs and directly into related occupations. The Telecommunications & Fiber Optics program develops those educational skills and competencies needed for a high level of performance within the industry. Individuals who complete the program will have the skills to succeed in a highly competitive workplace. The program is built around a competency based education model. The students are introduced to the material as they need it and will work at their own pace. This pace is monitored by the teacher to ensure completeness and that the student is properly grasping the material. This program was developed with all students in mind. It is our goal not to just produce students to work in the telecommunications industry, but students who will be able to adapt to the ever-changing environment. Some of the ways we do this is to ensure the students have weekly writing assignments and give weekly presentations on the industry. We also work with the academic teachers to ensure the students have a complete educational experience. This program is aligned with the state curriculum standards found in the MA Frameworks for Telecommunications & Fiber Optics.